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Well it looks like I have been winding back the clock. Getting back into old hobbies like refurbishing second hand computers, this time I am buying them instead of finding them on the street. It looks like people will recycle or trade in there old laptop rather than throw them out as councils have made people aware of e-waste and have provided services in many cases. It is rare to see anything decent on the street whereas years ago they were everywhere considering the fast upgrade cycle of the gigahertz wars.

At least when I buy it I know the computer is fairly sound and has been well looked after even if it is over ten years old. I purchased a Thinkpad T41 model and so far it is a performer with great battery life considering it was an early XP bundled laptop. It was a business model and the owner upgraded to Vista so it had some processing muscle. Now it is getting a Debian makeover and most likely will be used for sound playback. It is kind of ridiculous to use it as a random playback machine but it is fun and I get to set it up and work around any issues with installation etc.

It is wonderful having a computer with a command line interface because essentially if all you are doing is scripting and sound you don’t need a windowed interface. Also battery life is improved and if I want I can set up a basic desktop environment quite easily. Most important of all I find it fun.

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