Go west

Have decided to stay indoors as a severe weather system takes hold of the east coast of Australia. It isn’t too bad in Sydney but there is heavy rain and high winds. I know it is bad when my unit springs a leak. It only happens in severe storms. I was supposed to head to Blacktown to see Minky’s show which is an hour away west and then head to the Blue Mountains another hour out west to spend the night with my friend Michael. He has a bunch of leaks and said his firewood is wet which is annoying so it is pretty bad weather all round over a massive area of land and sea.

On another note Minky is a very accomplished artist and hip hop activist, he has been painting aerosol work since the mid eighties and had a stint in Europe and the United States making a name for himself there. His show should be very good as he only gets involved in high end collaborations. When he has a show it is a big deal and so is he. I have worked with him a handful of times but not for quite a few years. Recently he has done some high quality work with Teazer another highly accomplished artist.

So really it looks like my adventure will be postponed until next weekend, Minky’s show is on for two months. It looks like all of the big cultural events are now out in western Sydney and the Blue Mountains. It is good to see the west growing but sad to see the Sydney CBD and inner outskirts become more dollar focused. Shows that generate money seem more centred in inner Sydney. The signs have been there since the Katoomba cultural centre opened and quality shows started creeping out west. A lot of artists relocated and now the west is where the action is.


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