Not worth the paper it is printed on

My work colleague gets the newspaper for free from her gym, the paper itself is owned by a pretty big media magnate and is the most vile thing imaginable. The paper itself glorifies the Liberal party to the point where any criticism is only because they were not tough enough to do X. Labour is lampooned, the Greens are painted as whacked out extremists it doesn’t end there though as it criticises individuals to the point of ridicule using in one case a conservative transexual to criticise the Safe Schools program chief.

It is an interesting tactic targeting individuals who may have view points that are out of the ordinary because gossip is always a great driver for sales but the truth is people find it a tad boring and usually show signs of empathy. I don’t know if there style of trashing people is helping sales, it is like burn the witch but in text form. It is hard to believe that they can get away with it but it easy to digest and easy to understand so that is probably the appeal to its audience. I would see an old school mate of mine shaking his head as he made his way to his construction job with this awful paper in hand. I don’t know if he just takes it for granted and doesn’t think there could be more to the story or if it just pure familiar routine.

Lately though the style has been reinforced by getting people from one opposing camp and having them criticise what would normally be seen as their own territory showing how out of touch the lefties are. The issue is the hard left do look like extremists when the light is cast in this way especially when it looks like one of their own is happy to criticise them as an act of reconciling the transgression. It is a sneaky tactic only because it makes out that the overall program like Safe Schools was hijacked by extreme left ideas which in itself is only about criticising Safe Schools itself. A tactic of too little too late, another way of saying it is doomed anyway not by the conservatives attacking it but by its own leadership as mouthed by a conservative transexual.

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