Purchased Pantha Du Prince’s new album ‘Triad’, had a lie down listening session and feel it is a very good release. What I like about it is the use of slight discordant moments coupled with some clear emotive resonances. In general I buy almost all of Brian Eno’s albums as they are released so at most two a year and Pantha Du Prince hasn’t released a solo album for five years though he released a collaboration with Bell Laboratory and I have bought all of these and really enjoyed them. My point is there are few artists that I will collect and I have dug back through releases getting ones I connect with. Don’t really feel a lot of his earlier work but have four albums maybe five now. His best work is the more emotive and experimental and this album covers a lot of ground seeming to touch on a lot of his other work but still moves forward.

My preference is music rather than film these days and I can’t see myself subscribing to music streaming services because I tend to only get three albums a year on average. It is just that I know what I like and rarely fall into the trap of just getting something for the sake of it. Public Enemy has also become quite collectable for me though I tend to really concentrate on certain releases. There is a lot I do like though and over the years I have collected albums that may have been important to me at a certain time in my life but I rarely listen to them and could just as well go to Youtube but it isn’t the best quality sound. There are albums that I have on CD that I transferred and then realised that I could only listen to them rarely and I just deleted them because it wasn’t the strongest connection for me.

Things change and your tastes change but there is some music that I really feel close to and connected to, I am also occasionally surprised by music I never even knew existed and it can really hit me.

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