Beyond belief

“Don’t believe in Climate change it was made up by crazy scientists just like electricity. Who believes in electricity anyway?”

That is my silly tweet today, below will clarify

What I am having a bash at is the idea of belief in general. I don’t necessarily believe in climate change or not believe in it. It is just a scientific theory that was originally floated in the 70s. It is up there with believing in lightbulbs, no theory is set in stone and science isn’t perfect and there are bad things and good things whatever but when people say they don’t or do believe I start thinking it sounds like religion. People start cooking up their own theories and that is fine but it is a part of research and I think scientists should study phenomena whether it leads somewhere or not. People who are heavily invested in fossil fuels through stocks and shares in mega corporations shouldn’t blind side science even if they don’t “believe” in it. I might start believing in economic surpluses pushed through by dirty coal. Whatever the reason applied to it doesn’t change the theory only credible research does. Abbott booted out the climate scientists as soon as he got in, he obviously doesn’t believe in it and truly belief shouldn’t matter in that context, you just let people do their job

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