Faces and places

Lately have gone back to listening to hip hop music which I haven’t done since I was in high school. I can’t really relate all that well to African American culture being a white guy from Australia but the things that have caught my ear have been issues of social justice as well as political views and general doses of human wisdom. Say for instance the song “Everything” by Public Enemy or “Earthizen” the issues are so relate-able and human. Even more polarising songs like “Icebreaker” from PE just need to be listened to and appreciated for bringing different cultural voices together. The “universal” as an idea in philosophy has taken a bashing because it can be so difficult to define and really how can it be applied? But say a philosopher will say, well Indigenous cultures can’t go back anyway and really they don’t need to or probably can’t go back and in a way they have become free from their own culture. They have a completely different viewpoint and now can use the colonisers tongue to define themselves but in effect what they are saying is it is probably too late to go back. If Indigenous people went back to their original lifestyle they would probably freak out so the universal idea kind of sticks and is a kind of opening. At least that is how I see it from the little I have read and believe me I don’t really understand the issue in a big way. But what I can say is the ability to find a relation and pattern in what seems to be a mess is like recognising the faces and places in the ideas that meet in the mind.

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