Not even being negative

Its hard to stop drinking coffee, I went cold turkey for five days and I went a bit loopy. My mood was a little sour and it was all too much, that is anything was too much. Then I caved had a coffee and I was my old happy self again. The upside was that I slept well but I found it hard to cope otherwise.

Lately have been doing web development work at crazy cheap rates and it just got unsustainable. There comes a point where you need to keep a realistic value level otherwise it is just bad and you are wearing the same socks all week that have holes etc. I tried to raise my rates and the client is beside himself. When you explain the actual real world value they just look at you comatose. The issue these days is everyone wants the Rolls Royce but doesn’t want to pay for it.

I feel like I have done a disservice to fellow developers and the client knows no better until they approach a staunch pro who knows the ins and outs. I did a lot of work at crazy rates as I said but it was for a while and people then don’t value your work they just expect the same output for the same prices. Ok so I know I am a bit stupid I tend not to value myself but I am learning now I actually know what I can deliver and basically what it is worth. That in itself scares clients away but I would rather just be an untapped resource with my pants on than a back alley Harry.

Its funny because people don’t really know how to take advantage of talent in this country at least not in a professional manner. It is like Scotty Marsh getting shafted by cheap radio personalities who don’t want a great result but a pile of compromise. If you didn’t hear of that episode it is worth looking into a classic Sydney screw ball comedy where an artist names a price for work and the clients get a cheap and cheerful knock off from an amateur for an amateur price.

Well the ball is in my clients court and they will inevitably try and find a way out of paying what was well below standard rates anyway and the funny thing is I am not even being negative.


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