School holidays

Well I had a week off work last week to spend time with my daughter on the school holidays. It started with a photo shoot which my daughter was happy to miss, that took a couple of hours. I zipped out for an hour the next day to get a new work started and was home by midday. My ex partner was around and we all had a bit of a laugh together. Took my daughter to see her god father up in the mountains for two days. Went to China town and the city then my daughter was off to her grandparents for a couple of days  and I relaxed.

It was a busy week and it was fitting to end in a relaxed manner. The photo shoot was great but tiring and I loved the results. It was great to see the photos appear on my phones dropbox folder while I was on the bus after getting some work done. It got me thinking about classic graffiti personas. The more street style persona is something I have always hung onto in some way or another. The new direction I took with the photographer was about where I am located, it references my family who are around and were around the area. So it is a lot more specific about who I am beside my graffiti persona which is tied up in my own history anyway.

Really the photographer deserves all of the credit, they know me better than I know myself. A real talent.

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