No good, know good.

It is interesting how the collective mind is now the personal mind. What I mean is once your problem was a collective issue but now people see it as personal. You see it all of the time in social media life coaching type quotes. It is a conservative tactic that is liberal but one that wants to remind you of your own personal responsibility for being poor or whatever. It is basically saying don’t complain to me because I am above this through my superior attitude. It is basically a vehicle for self doubt ready for self confirmation. A kind of Buddhism of economy and means. Realise that issues tackled collectively and not for a collectivity of like minded sakes is the way forward. Not forward to collectively congratulate your position but to meet people who are different and who don’t agree. Meet the rabble not tour it from a vantage point and holiday to save the whales or save trees through collective structures that embed you in your socioeconomic position.

People more than ever want to disassociate through groups, it sounds like a contradiction but it is a fact. We all want to get into the right position with the right language and wage bracket. It is understandable as it is getting tough out there but it doesn’t help anyone. Behavior that creates a vacuum of real people, a vacuum of the collective good as opposed to what has become the collective good. Those who benefit are the ones pushing the message, they are the ones who need you more than you need them. That’s the truth

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