Well heeled

So I have spoken about Banksy and Lush in the thread articles, threw Lister in as the other thread. So lets look a little more closely at Banksy. What makes him so influential is his activism and concepts. The visual tone of his work, though I am no big fan is also well suited to his activism. The drab take it leave it style is easily fetishised and its like the dungeon to the well heeled CEO. Banksy’s lack of colour the monotone style is the embodiment of situationist ideals borrowed from political activists. That in itself is the point but Banksy has really made it famous and that is due to its fetishist nature. The abject activist viewpoint embodied in monotone riot police vans the floating desperate refugees floating in muck is really in the back of most peoples minds as they worry if their morning coffee is going to be burnt while knowing too well they are the source of the worlds ills. There is so much collective guilt in western societies over the state of the world that Banksy meets them head on not with any answers but with blunt accusations. Who really is going to argue when nearly every economic historian has ripped the western world to shreds. The great thing that Banksy has done is be unrelenting in his activism building on his body of work to the point where he has made movies, a theme park. His work is very inclusive and is easily fetishised, his messages are clear and he won’t be stopping any time soon.

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