It was interesting looking at some posts and articles about privilege and exclusion. The tables always turn because say you are a university student relishing in some kind of general power or have the privilege of having a voice from an elite institution. Your own sense of power could come into question if universities start using their prestige to charge so much money that only the truly elite can enter their hallowed grounds.

The logic is already built into these institutions and it is from specific factions that ideas spawn and take on a life of their own. If the white male is the epitome of privilege then what of all the others? Where are they hiding? What are they hiding from? The ability to generalise is a necessity and white males were traditionally dominant models but this was before and during colonisation. We all know the world has changed. There is strong evidence though that some large companies are not culturally diverse and this leads to a consensus on elitism.

But even though it is hard to argue that every white male is a specimen of elitism. Especially if we look at various cultures where white men are in short supply. Ideally there are opportunities in various cultures for groups but they have to fit into a role which is specific to whatever the role entails and cultural ideals. There are definitely privileged positions but in my own experience and maybe that is just my own experience I have met few white males who fit into an elite group. That is essentially my point though it is more about an economy of means.

There are dominant factions in every society and as an example my daughters primary school was very white. Though her high school is culturally diverse and she chose that finding her primary school stuffy and pretentious. One way to find cultural diversity then is to use your feet but some are just in it from day one. If though you fit into an elite and can live with yourself then make the most of it. What an elite group is though depends on where you are standing and your principles.

You could be an academic shouting down white privilege or a plumber fixing a tap, what you need to remember is people have their own stories apart from their respective roles. These roles are real and depending on your situation you could have privilege or not. If you do or don’t it can’t come down to the colour of your skin or sex. The issues can be exasperated on social media where people can create an echo chamber of similar views. Thinking you are right is also an act of privilege, assuming your own position is correct is the foundation of privilege. It seems the days of doubt are well and truly behind us.

Doubt though isn’t about being wrong or wishy washy it is also not the core of political correctness. Doubt is like a moment where you question the broader context, where you can see the divisions and assumptions. You don’t necessarily find the answers but you also don’t impose them.

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