Gotta laugh

Normally I have silly ideas when I am going from place to place. Normally I just have a chuckle to myself and keep doing what I am doing. The one thing that is odd but understandable is how I see advertisements on buses or whatever and my mind will photoshop text in. I will see a different arrangement of words if they fit into something logical but usually one word will change. I would love to record the arrangements in a journal, they are normally derogatory but in a humourous way. It is only applied where it can be fitted and the word that gets changed is momentarily readable only to be replaced by the actual word that is there in reality. So it is a momentary hallucination and isn’t a bad experience. It only happens when the opportunity arises.

I normally just have a chuckle to myself. Me and my ex partner were always sporting ideas, usually as word plays silly puns but I never thought about it until recently. My ex was telling me of some phone pranks she had been doing recently targeting real estate agents and I remembered her foray into social media. She spent a year coming up with ridiculous content and quips for her social media profiles. At the time I thought it was ridiculous and she still does it. I have never followed her profiles or had anything to do with it but we would tarry ideas around when talking at home. We used to do lots of pranks when we were younger but I kind of grew out of it. Essentially though I still throw ideas around and I can use skewed logic to shut down skewed ideas.

The thing that got me into bendy logic was riddles and I got introduced to riddles by my aunty Betty when young. The thing that got me thinking was that bendy logic and silly ideas made my relationship last for as long as it did. There were some years from my mental condition that really made my life hard. The first thing to go when I got diagnosed was my sense of humour. Seriously I was always singing silly songs and doing word plays that were humourous then suddenly my sense of humour disappeared. It left for over a year maybe longer and it took a while of treatment to start bring my word plays back. I could rhyme and make up ridiculous songs my neighbours used to piss themselves with laughter.

It took years and I can do word plays again and silly songs but I actually had to practice to bring it back into operation. I think essentially for a while maybe I felt a little shaken by my experiences and difficulties and it was hard to laugh. Whats really helped has been writing and thinking. I still have it but I also have a bigger view of life and the stuff that can happen. You gotta laugh if not its at your own expense.


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