In it to bin it

It is interesting dealing with social media. It can become a major avenue of discontentment but that is just one side of the coin in terms of data mining and marketing. In essence it is probably best approached with satire. There is a market for life coaching, management and then again there is the other side of the coin which is using malcontent for email petitions sign ups and the like. So the overall market is there for data mining on a number of fronts, including life coaching as you may need a social media manager or encouragement to pursue your social media goals.

It all depends what your in it for and there are a lot of groups and individuals promising to solve your problems. From coal seam gas extraction to saving a pristine forest. Maybe you would like to win big and become a social media icon expanding into your role as either the answer to everyones problems or your own answer to your own problems. It is all there and everyone has a solution or is busy working on a solution. So who do you believe? It all depends on either your bank balance or your privacy balance. What is sacred on social media? And no the answer is not porn but you are close. It is privacy, giving up your details for a quick thrill. You gotta be in it to bin it.

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