Graffiti crews are not like bikie gangs where there are clear membership rules and chapters and various organisational tenets. Graffiti crews are pretty loose and people come and go as they please. It isn’t as if PSK PTK bondi boys and the alexandria eight all met by moonlight in the Prague cemetery and wrote their names in blood on a book promising chaos and destruction. Maybe this is the pinnacle of journalism where the truth is the strangest fiction imaginable. Of course the reality is pretty pedestrian say with PSK forming in the mid to early 80s in the inner city then wasn’t touched for a few years. The guys from Sutherland maybe heard Schooly D and put it up. Other guys had the same idea in different areas. PIC at one stage disbanded and guys went to PSK and most stopped serious graffiti by the late 80s. A lot of people went into crime from graffiti which was sad which upholds its gateway status but then again a lot of people continued painting and writing their names and crews loving the channel of expression, and the positive feedback from their peers and sometimes the public.

I can’t imagine the alexandria eight were that into graffiti by the looks of what they left behind which was just plain horrific. Who really knows what they were into, it obviously wasn’t anything healthy. The same could be said for a lot of people who passed through graffiti and then went into more serious crime. They were not serious enough about their own abilities or talents, they stopped cultivating them to become in some cases murderers or theives.

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