The other issue was graffiti artists were generally against fascism and bigotry fighting skin heads and fascists in the late 80s early 90s. The other issue is the alexandria eight would have spawned from PIC rather than PSK though I don’t know exactly who these people were bar one or maybe two of them. But even if they had been involved in graffiti at one point or another they certainly were not doing it around the time they fell into hatred. Another point is the scare tactics that spawned hate groups were also centred around the advertising campaigns from the 80s in regards to AIDS and HIV. There were plenty of hate groups around in the late 80s 90s skin heads being one example. I am sure though graffiti artists were not immune to getting caught up in hate groups but whole crews were not centred around this kind of activity or position. Graffiti was primarily about graffiti and getting your name up as well as your crew. Crews could have a style or aesthetic rather than an agenda toward hatred or bigotry. PSK was a crew that used a style called simple style or public style borrowed from New York subway artists but with a particular Sydney touch. Crews like KOA were far more stylish and borrowed from London graffiti as they were the first international crew in Sydney. Aesthetics rather than blood letting is the order of the day with graffiti and it remains that way today.

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