You can understand the misunderstanding, nobody thought people could inevitably do things they eventually did. The tough guy posturing really wasn’t about inflicting violence on innocent people. Also with crews people would come and go, who was to say a member acted on the crews behalf? Their actions were a consequence of their own decisions. They may have acted with others but who is to say they were in the crew? I have heard of the Alexandria eight and I have no idea who most of them were? Where they PSK? Maybe there had been affiliations here or there but a lot of the crew didn’t know them. It depended on where you were from and your friends. That wasn’t what the crew was about, it was about graffiti. It is easy to vilify graffiti because of its image and the tough guy status, it is constantly seen as a problem but to paint a whole crew as a bunch of murderers because they painted graffiti is out of control.It is like members who I had known in the late eighties, they initially were from other crews and crews changed names occassionally. Guys from PIC could write AC, PE, RSL or whatever they fancied and it was fluid. PSK was the same, the name didn’t really stick till the early 90s. Some guys from the Alexandria eight I hadn’t seen in years before they went the way they did and people were shocked that they did monstrous acts. It wasn’t a crew driven by hate, I remember going to RAT parties in the late 80s and I went to a few that was because my core friends were open minded. If you found yourself hanging with hateful people you wouldn’t be happy to live with that and nobody usually is. What drove these guys was their own violent agendas.

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