“It doesn’t have to be so obvious that it looks somewhat real it just needs to be quick and lack calculation. It is the coordination of the eye and hand that needs to be obvious but it isn’t necessarily looking for a particular result. It is difficult to let something be imperfect but it is necessary and in the flow of lines and mist there emerges something abstract and misunderstood. Sometimes being misunderstood is the only way to be understood, it is a place to inhabit like a building. Buildings need people but sometimes they need ghosts and graffiti.”

I have been writing away, just trying to get that spontaneous painting thing across, it isn’t all like this I also try and make a point that graffiti isn’t meant to be everywhere, it isn’t meant to make decay but can follow it. It depends on your perspective, even when I was doing illegal work I normally would be drawn to certain sites and as I got older I just got kind of stupid and would do unnecessary spots. Thats really when you loose it, you need to be able to choose it correctly. The world changes though and I think I lost the touch thats why I don’t want to go into some kind of macho man pose and be wandering the streets with my head up my …….

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