My daughter asked me why there are not many left handers and as a lazy lurch like father I googled it like I would technical issues with a web design based issue. The answer I came across spoke of cooperation and competition. The study in question found that over 5000 years the rate of left handers to right handers had remained constant at 9:1. This they deduced was due to the need for cooperation, say for example someone makes a tool so it needs to be able to be used by anyone in theory. Probably not the best example but due to cooperative needs things we make or have need to favour most people so right handers are pretty common (90%). There was supposed to be heavy math to back this up but due to the general nature of the article it left that out and then went into the other part of the study that found in competitive sports there was a higher ratio of left handers ie 50% so competition changed the ratio considerably. Being me I pondered over a few days thinking of all the things I dislike such as reality TV (competitive cooking shows especially) and how they create cringeworthy drama. Then I thought of things I like such as clothing, shoes, shopping in general and that made me think how much I dislike conservative politics, elitism, then I stumbled back on couch surfing, ice pipe loving centrelink form avoiding schemers. So many stereotypes but what I was really focused on was cooperation, sweet sweet cooperation. I remember when I was a borderline bad boy and what always annoyed me was the lack of cooperation, guys were always rorting each other there was a lack of consistency. Someone saw you had something and wanted it, my first tag for example in graffiti was almost staunched off me by a local hooligan. The guys brain couldn’t even think up a name to use so he was trying to steal mine. Where I lived guys would break into my house and we had a black and white TV in the colour TV era and all they did was raid the fridge and leave some dirty footprints. People were breaking into the local shops, leaving graffiti plastered on everything, breaking windows vandalising bus stops smashing phone boxes. Not cooperation, it was about popping tills trying to get quick money where did it all end up. Maybe a handful became career criminals, other guys I see have settled down and people do their art as well but what is missing now and was missing then was cooperation, sweet sweet cooperation. Thats it, we don’t really compete with others generally, we simply try to find where we fit and that is quite neat. It can become an issue though if you don’t fit anywhere but really there are places for all types and usually some services too. In reality though people go on about being competitive but they are speaking on behalf of those that put up with them, in reality they are towing the line for certain groups. Being competitive lends itself to being cooperatively competitive but that is the bit we actually need to hear, the obvious bit.

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