New work in progress

Have started making another ebook like my iBooks work “walls and trains” by Derek Carter, the new work so far is called “Reading the World” and is like a basic overview of what lettering in graffiti has been for me and what it is becoming for me. It is basically a picture book supported with text like the other book and so far I like where it is going. I may have found a way of writing that suits me. My current ideas are to promote my work through photographs and these booklets while also finding a voice for some approaches I have to graffiti. It isn’t really made to appeal to graffiti artists per se but is fairly general and I hope it introduces people to a way of looking at it that is different. This booklet is more creative than my other ebook but is in some ways similar in that it is fairly linear. I would like to dedicate more time to writing in this way as I create new work and it is surprising to see the bigger picture of where the works evolved from.

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