Coogee days

Remember growing up around Coogee and Randwick with friends who were like family to me, especially when I was quite young up to about twelve would go to see Mums friends and all the kids were there too. After I was twelve I kind of became a bit rebellious and went into graffiti and all of that and wasn’t really around much. There were some real battlers, people who lived for the moment knew how to enjoy life drinking, dancing, eating. It was great to be able to run around the beach have barbecues and just be a kid. It was sad to hear of one of my Mums old friends passing. I remember her as a strong woman I was always scared of her because she would shut me up if I was being a brat. For whatever reason I kind of got seriously involved in graffiti and art making, but I remember her 60th and I saw everyone and it really brought back memories there was the same dancing, drinking and cheer of those early years. My Mum kept me updated about her health and when she told me she had passed on I felt quite sad. That was an important time in my life and I remember snorkling around the beach on a barbecue day with the kids and running around the beach. She really did it tough but could laugh and I remember her and those days around Coogee.

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