Last night was heavy, a time to let the past go and move into new territory as dictated by the moon. Funny that I spent that afternoon doing an art interview where I went back in time looking at the past and I felt it was great timing. Looking back almost seems strange and so foreign to the last few decades. It is getting close to 30 years of doing graffiti and there were lots of different stages and it is pretty hard to believe the changes that have happened. The day before me and Zapgalaxy talked about some of the goings on when we were teenagers. Good to see we took a different path and had our creative interests to keep us from doing other stuff. However people think of me it is out of my hands, when you open up it can be confronting or just hard to believe but it could have been worse. I don’t really mind and I feel that I have moved into new territory having a family and being responsible, going too work every day. The world owes you nothing and you have to earn your keep and love your kids and be proud of them, I am lucky they are both healthy and life is what you make it. Times have changed also got to remember Jesus and his story and learn to love people even when they are left for dead on the cross.

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