Remember my old Tai Chi teacher talking of Shen, it can be effected through the eyes though in many other ways too. Basically shen is like spirit but it has some other components, the character itself represents a manifestation of the gods, shown as curved lightning with a table of stone as a place of worship. It is a representation of a persons relationship with god, it isn’t like the Judea-Christian idea of God. Basically looking at disturbing images can unseat the various forms of spirit that are in the body such as po and hun. Grief and other strong emotions can also do the same thing.

Qi Bo (the chief physician) said “Heaven abides so that we have virtue. Earth abides so that we have qi. When virtue flows and qi is blended there is life.”

When he went on about all this stuff, like the steam that rises up to our brain I never knew what the hell he was on about and really thought it is culturally off my radar but practically it was obvious. The understanding of meditation to quieten the mind and be more in tune with nature is definitely easier to understand I suppose I always thought of shen and not letting my eyes dwell on horror and this really has helped me be calm. Music can also unseat the shen and the other spiritual parts of your body. This was always something he went on about, so if I want to feel a strong emotion a movie or music can bring this into focus but then I would calm myself and bring the peace back into focus and feel calm again. The mind is like a mirror.

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