I started doing graffiti in the mid eighties, then changed direction in the early nineties as I explored different artistic avenues. My world opened after being excepted to art school in 1993 which gave me the chance to explore different media. My work represents the process of searching for a result within a structure. For instance I may use a face as a reference point but make it a possible face as well as an impossible face. Through the process of painting I will find a result that is coded like graffiti but recognisable to the viewer as a face. The face becomes a point of contact and hopefully understanding but mainly a point of recognition. I feel as though that is what I want the viewer to see, the human side to graffiti, the point where something fleeting and important is recognised and that is the very temporality of our totality as recognisable beings. The line I have had to cross though is graffiti itself, now the images I produce become something else, they become what the viewer allows them to be.

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