The decades yonder

Had an interesting conversation today that brought up the pleasure psychotics can get out of their psychosis. Strange but true the actual release can be pleasurable but the aftermath usually is directly destructive for all involved. Had written something about some of the characters my partner had worked with and the access to pleasure they had a number of articles ago but I had failed to see the similarites as they were within a spectrum of mental disorders. When I have written my most poisonous difficult remark possible I can also derive a lot of pleasure from it, it makes me laugh from a dark perspective. Truly though it isn’t funny but pleasurable, at least at the time then some form of guilt will set in or regret. Milan Kundera in one of those novels that were popular in the 90s can’t remember which one exactly made a distinction from the (It was ‘the Joke’) laughter of pleasure and the laughter of dark pleasure. Not in my clumsy words mind you, a lot better than that. Totally bending the truth but you get the idea, the real gist in his novel was of anxious laughter so I suppose it is a third type of laughter a destructive kind. Hell I probably should have written this article 20 years ago but was busy at the time doing graffiti. ; )

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