Hitting the wall

There is a lot to be said about getting older, it isn’t usually admired definitely not envied. I am tired at the moment and I don’t usually feel like this. I will remember that just the other day I was full of energy, emotional memory though is short. Now is always changing always in flight, you know it is a problem when things don’t change when they are static. Can’t wait to get back into my swimming routine the water is energising and spring is here. The truth is it has been a busy year on a few levels really pushed it a bit harder but I don’t want to slow down just yet. Though I may have to except I need a break, I am the guy who doesn’t know how to have a holiday always have to be doing something, reading, writing, drawing, painting. It is september things are about to get busier at work too I will need one of those holiday spa packages soon. Or I could just hit the beach at the earliest time possible, sounds great. 🙂

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