Fintan Magee

Even though I have been annoyed by Magee I do enjoy his work. What I do enjoy is the escapism and hopeful message that penetrates his work. My own work on the other hand is not negative at all but not nearly as uplifting at least not in an illustrated sense as Magee is. Magee compels you to go on an adventure and temporarily escape the current harsh realities of the world we live in. Maybe this is the answer rather than heeding the call of negative media and an over all pessimistic world view as devised from world events. There is some sense in Magee’s call to see something positive and hopeful when really the world is always hopeful if you let it be. If we were to let the media distort our image of reality we may feel helpless and at its mercy. Is that not the not the point of the exercise what is better than a population without hope? A population tempered by the necessities of making ends meet as those ends seem to unravel. At the same time you can fight fire with fire but why not ignore the bigger picture construction? Maybe I will paint a pond full of ducks, but I would rather turn the ducks into scavengers living off ill charity as constructed by the social order. How about gangs of hoodlum ducks ready to take revenge? Paint that one Magee! Actually let me take care of that one ; )

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