Its funny because my partner has a photographer friend who is a high functioning autistic type who always gets kicked out of parties for being unacceptable in some shape or form. The thing I noticed though is he seems to enjoy his ventures, he gets some kind of pleasure but then it is tempered by his subsequent rejection (ejection : | ) from the party. Another friend of mine is similar and probably has the same thing but isn’t such an exhibitionist. It is obviously a bit perverse though what they do isn’t perverse just socially unwelcome. If you saw an overweight  guy in spandex with a huge camera and lens that is truly phallic you may feel uncomfortable too. The thing I find interesting though is these two people seem to enjoy themselves, they don’t seem to be repressed in ways that other people can be. In some ways they are probably the only ones who get enjoyment in the whole party, everyone else is upholding the symbolic order and waiting for some kind of enjoyment to happen through alcohol or drugs or sociability. Maybe this is what people truly find unwelcome, the quick access to pleasure. My other friend seems to enjoy annoying people through difficult dialogue but at the same time his constant rejection feeds the opposing unhappiness from not being accepted. On some level it is amusing but on another level it is not funny at all.  

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