Massive mash up

There is nothing more conducive to creating art than a colour scheme shared amongst an army of artists who share a common goal, that of not expressing anything other than their ability to choreograph the same colour scheme. Like a snake eating its own tail. Only for the best really. A giant pat on the back with like minded fellows. We are all the same and we can do it together. I admit I like the territorial nature of it. We are on the same level all of us and we will express it with communal vigor you have reached the zenith and all before you is yours. Our army of followers agree so bow down and feel the power of a reduced palette. Remember being invited to the graffiti equivalent of colour reduced walls but I never showed up because I enjoy random colours and effects. Feel like your being asked to wear the same clothes which is another symptom. The content differs of course but why the restriction? The restriction is the tie in, the bind the social expectation and the colour of our status as a group. There is nothing wrong with groups but there is something wrong with restrictions. The walls seem to come up creating conformity, the stricter the conformity the less freedom for individual expression, if your a unique individual with a social history and a bit antisocial you are barred. You need to show your true colours, we are a group we see things through the same lens and share a common goal. Most groups want to reach the next level or assert it. I left crews due to the restrictions of expression the expectation of dumbing it down getting it on a level playing field limiting the individual. Even though each artist gets their own space and create an individual piece they have let a limit come into the space, not just the colour but the format too. Art isn’t about limitations it is about overcoming limitations.

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