Reading science

I am loving reading about the history of science, it raises so many issues and makes you question so much about it. The fact that so much knowledge has been used to implement all sorts of techniques especially funded by governments for social control as well as control of agriculture and basically anything that can be controlled at different times for different agendas. It is a fascinating set of agendas and still people will do all sorts of unexpected things no matter how well behaviors or stimulus are understood. The dominant agendas change but everyone has there go trying to create outcomes and basically push some gain of technique hopefully making it as precise and effective as possible. Or if not an understanding is reached only to be pulled apart and put back together, it reminds me of Rick Hollands poem of the “airman” in Eno piece where there is an ever moving perspective lifting higher and higher. Really though it wants to see all angles and all perspectives, will this reach true understanding or is it as questionable as the Big Bang, one God one point of compressed matter is differentiation about differentiation? I love going around in circles and like this book, makes you wonder.

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