Raspberry Pi competition

There are all of these fairly cheap arm Pi alternatives but a lot of them get that tag as the possible Pi replacement. All this journalistic jousting about this trumping that or the well known saying “blah blah killer” hopefully won’t start with the Pi. It most likely will because nobody has a better idea and it is dramatic. Really though the Pi in my mind is perfect because it just has enough features rather than faster this bigger that I mean how much power do you need to do a basic project? I remember cutting video on a pentium2, it wasn’t fast but it was fine. The Pi is fine especially with what I am doing why a quad core arm for something basic? I just hope this bunch of alternatives doesn’t end up as the “Pi killer”, a serial killing alternative to low powered devices with way more POWER!!!!! I couldn’t stand it with the iPad so over done and corny, every article was about the “iPad killer”. How about the “alternative to blah” I guess it isn’t as easily remembered a bit flat. I know, the “Ultimate Unforgiving Powerful Mighty Holy Grail Computer” unmatched in speed and size capable of unleashing a thousand demons. It is as though the writers of these articles are working for the world wrestling federation.

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