Just read an interesting article on sprawl

It is funny because everyone wants something done about urban sprawl but nobody is really prepared for the pain to implement it. Governments don’t want to touch it because they will become too unpopular. Labor is in a position to do something about it as they are so unpopular but really it is mainly a state issue. I like to blame the people because they don’t want the inconvenience really. If areas are over governed too people get upset, the current liberal government actually implemented some good reforms by taking away some red tape but there is still a lot there and if we are to tackle the urban sprawl (which is really too late coming for Sydney) we need bucket loads of red tape and planning. It will also cost money and spending money is frowned upon as a surplus is always great especially when you can’t drive a kilometre without congestion. What we need is more surpluses and less public spending so all the problems that cost money will solve themselves for free, at least that is the current plan.

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