Went to see this movie with my daughter, seriously I always cry in kids movies at the emotional bits every time. Quite embarrassing really especially when you are wiping away tears walking out of the cinema. They saved all the climactic soppy stuff right at the end too, I guess you have to finish a movie with an emotional climax. Serious soppy individual. It is a great movie for families. It has a very positive message about expressing ideas and how ideas can free us to see new things. We can change perspective and find new ways of dealing with problems. It touches on art, early cave art as a way we could describe goals and life and how we could use it to imagine. At first it is a negative story but the character with the most flaws learns to imagine new ways of seeing and has a complex idea that works and becomes a hero. I have been reading my book on movie plots and stories so I got a lot out of this movie definite winner.

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