About Steve’s work

I wouldn’t want to profit off his work, or anything like that, I would like to just archive this piece and possibly have it viewed as an archive which it is. I wouldn’t sell it. It is important to respect peoples views and it is a piece of property. The whole piece questions digital property, so many people will torrent music that isn’t theirs and so forth and feel that it is fine as it is digital and reproducible. I found this work and extracted files from it, it is technically digital detritus, the computer was used for parts as it wasn’t intellectual material but at the same time it is. Very tricky territory. I mean I would hate to be the kind who creates debate but there is a lot to be said about the vagaries of digital material especially when it is thrown on the street. I currently have someone elses hard drive sitting under my table what is on that I wonder? I mean usually I find excel files and just general files which I normally wipe but I have a soft spot for personal expression. You won’t find me putting Steve’s views on this blog because that would be parading and all I want to do is have it on a mobile work that sits in a gallery for a select few to experience. The work itself is rather disjointed because you can come to it at any point in the piece and only get snippets, I doubt many will sit through the whole piece, I doubt anyone will especially when they are at an opening trying to ingest as much cheese and crackers as possible washed down with cheap wine and some good conversation.

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