Distortion rethink Lauren gets the Pi

I made the distortion piece but it is dead boring, used silence so you don’t get much of a range when it does happen. I think I might just let it be, I will leave it for my daughter to play with. The Pi is great for kids, she is getting used to the terminal and opening minecraft through the terminal. I look forward to sitting down with her and doing some python coding, will do some tomorrow night. She usually uses OSX at home which is very visually focused so using Linux brings back the reliance on text. It is good Linux is so text based, it doesn’t have to be but it is. I am not as visual as I used to be, I would spend hours looking at images and making images. The last four years I have changed, I prefer text and Linux really draws me in, I wonder where my visual drive has disappeared to? To me everything is based on text just like Linux, under OSX is mountains of code running the visual show. It may just be a change in philosophy, I wonder how I will go this weekend painting? The work I want to do is conceptual, based on a process so it is essentially text based, I hope it works because I want to produce images again, good images and I would hate it to be too dry.

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