Unsung Heroes Graffiti Magazine

Came accross a copy of this Mag at 567 on King and I was impressed. It is black and white, it loads most of the latest panels in Sydney and has some old photos too. I was surprised to see two of my pieces from 1990 in it and a whole lot of the latest work by graffiti artists. There is a bit of a revival of train graffiti at the minute so they focus on that but without all the hype and flag waving of other mags. It is just photos and more photos. They are up to issue three so I wish them luck with more, the mag is free too so for someone as cheap as me that is great.

3 thoughts on “Unsung Heroes Graffiti Magazine

  1. HI DJC,

    Thanks for the props. Issue 4 was at 567 recently but if you’d like a copy and can’t get one there hit us up on the email address in the mag. Issue 5 is being worked on as we speak but it wont be until October/November

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