Brats versus Keating

In Sydney and it goes for a lot of the country, you have the private school system and the public school system. The private schools are for the elites and the public system is for everyone else. There are some schools that cross over between both systems. If you look at who has a say in the general mix of media, I think many of the most prominent voices are from the elite. When Paul Keating went on his verbal rampage on the National Press Club he made these types shrink in their boots. Nobody had a leg to stand on and nobody had a good counter to his verbal assault. Instead, these brats who are mostly from an elite education system decided to wait until the next day to spray their swill hopefully helping them save face.

That is the issue, they never get challenged because they are the elite, and if you think about people who are more talented than them they won’t get a chance at being in their position because the elites always close the door behind them. Australia is controlled by elites mostly and they have a neo-colonial mindset and imperialist ambitions. Why else would these people champion Australia to take on an attacking mindset and try to be on China’s doorstep with nuclear submarines? The media in Australia is controlled by brats, the military isn’t much different in some respects.

The problem with having elite corporate interests controlling the country is they never want to hand the power to anyone capable because they see it as their given right to have the power in their hands. We have these people controlling the country’s fate and they don’t have ideas for the general good of all people in this country. It isn’t much different in America and Australia is just a vassal state waiting on orders from America’s elite.

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