Become Froggie by Func

Not long ago a French graffiti artist, Func, put up a new wall with the words “Watch the truth” followed by ”Turn off your mind, become Froggie”. The wall had two frogs emblazoned along the graffiti work. I felt it was insightful as well as amusing, insightful in that when people think they have found the truth they will turn off their critical minds and make a lot of noise on the home of the truth, usually an internet platform.

How the internet became the place of truth is probably only describable in a compendium of books, hopefully, physical ones. Yet if you want to have a stab in the dark you could observe that there is no physical dirt in the digital world but clean-looking documents or emails that look like they came from your bank but didn’t. The only giveaway normally is a weird email address or a spelling mistake and bad grammar.

Paul Keating came out with the truth during the national press club interview and the thin-skinned types who are trying to destroy Australian prosperity for an American dystopia didn’t find they could defend their positions. Sure Keating was quite barbed but look at what is at stake for the business community who have lost so much because of the scare campaigns of media outlets trying to sell papers that support American aggression. The problem is America will make us pay them to do their dirty work. 

I have written about some points Keating made in prior posts but most of this stuff just gets ignored because when you are at the swamp the froggies make a lot of noise.

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