Different future

I had a dream last night where graffiti art in Sydney was actually lauded, there were massive art venues for graffiti writers and in the dream we were putting on a big show that was sponsored by an art school. There were different people doing it and involved, they were younger and quite focused and art was mixed, graffiti was with other art forms and there was no real boundary in the form. I was working on a large piece that also had collage and fabric elements. 

I was using the water based spray and I was adding details, in the end though some dickhead came along and ruined the work. I wasn’t angry or disturbed by it though, I just knew I had to fix it up and it would take time and I was giving the protagonist a verbal. I suppose the dream was about why graffiti never actually got to that point in Sydney especially but in my head I am in that world. Graffiti sabotaged itself, the lack of respect for the art form and focus have left a massive gap in acceptance.

Of course in my head graffiti is a valid art form and I suppose I am doing it for a scene that could have been more organised and forward thinking. I don’t know if it is different in other parts of Australia, I feel that in Sydney the respect for art is lacking. The person who ruined my work didn’t seem aware that they had ruined it, I mean they did and they didn’t at the same time. They were just mainly clueless and had nothing to actually enliven the scene. They felt there was nothing wrong with what they did.

I suppose I am always aiming for a different future.

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