Letter 12/01/23

I have a day off work, I have enclosed some photos and some lyrics and a blog post. Last year was a big year of looking at art mostly, I went to the new gallery Modern built next to the Art Gallery of New South Wales late last year. The architecture is awesome, it kind of overshadows the art inside a bit but it all works. I went to some graduate shows to see what is going on with upcoming artists. So far this year I have been drawing from life and drawing architecture and I did some ink works with some water-based spray paint and solvent inks.

I would prefer to use water-based aerosol this year but I have a heap of paint to get through. I put off painting today at Newtown to relax, I think it’s important just to chill a bit. I did a drawing the other day based on some architectural studies. Last year I made over 200 drawings, paintings and 27 aerosol works. It seemed jam-packed but it didn’t seem tiring or a burden. Most drawings were small and explorative, I painted at the Walk the Walls festival but I was kind of in and out as it was pretty hot. I got paid for it and I got good photos of the two walls.

I did a portrait of my Grandmother Kathleen Crumblin in Redfern. It was sad to hear of Gane2 passing away, I couldn’t get to his birthday party earlier in the year or to his funeral. I got stuck at work for his funeral. Work has been a bit of a slog but there are little reprieves from the grind. I am managing the store but probably in a few months, I will get the manager’s position officially as we need another employee to cover Saturdays. The wall I did in Redfern is about to get some work done on it and I can’t paint the wall while they do maintenance. 

This is probably a blessing in disguise as I didn’t want to paint over my Grandmother’s portrait anyway. Today is a good day to draw so I am going to draw in the courtyard and I might go into the city. I need a portable chair lol!!! I wouldn’t mind doing ink, and aerosol work on paper but I need to see if I can get a bit more material to work from. I have been buying books on art, I got an Ikea bookcase so after so many years all my books are in one place. I have been reading about Indigenous Australian art and Frank Auerbach lately.

Talk soon, it looks like I have Thursdays off this month so I am going to have to make it productive.

Stay strong!!!

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