From a dream

My Taoist Master must wear many hats to be in his role. Take tea for example, there are a variety of styles and flavours. The caps change constantly and the tea always has a different aroma, a different way of being brewed, and different implements for the different teas. Nothing is predictable even if you want it to be, change is constant. Yet to counter that or to complement the change is the underlying energy. The energy is also changing, rolling, moving and mixing. It is the constant, it is the foundation, and you are lucky to realise it is there yet it is always active.

Everyone has demons inside them, and around them, yet you want the demon to be comfortable, to sleep, to remain in a state of quiet. Let the demons sleep. The only way to find the god within is to nurture it with quiet times, times of reflection, don’t muddy the waters. The prior seems like a cliche, laughable, and that is the Tao. The way to peace will always be mocked, ridiculed and laughed at. Few realise that this is how it should be, Peace is hidden away, and it seems so remote yet it is right under people’s noses. At the end of the day, I know nothing and the peace I have within is something I have to nurture.

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