NAS graduate show 2022

I went to see the NAS graduate show and was very impressed by the drawing. Bernard Greaves work was my favourite, mostly in person as opposed to through a lens. At first I was surprised at how loosely and undefined they seemed to be in person, then as you look through the lens you see the image. I was actually slightly disappointed to see the image appear through the lens but not surprised at the same time. The actual drawings in person are wonderful and the way they are undefined is a great relief from so much of art. The drawing ‘Der Sicherheitsmann’ was my favourite as it wasn’t as clear through the lens. That worked for me as the others were quite clear. I can’t expect artists to just make a whole bunch of random marks for no reason but when I first saw the same drawings I was instantly drawn to them. I would have liked to see this process in action with little or no relation to the image through the lens. I actually wouldn’t mind making some ink work again just with the red and black though with gestural marks. I suppose the artists work above is very perceptive in relation to what we feel the purpose of art is, is it actually something through the many lenses of art old and new or through the lens of technology?

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