Last minute

I went to see the NAS (National Art School) graduation show today, the images below are my own work except for the tags on the bin. I will post some of the NAS show images later, it was a good show with some innovative approaches to drawing and printing. I enjoyed the painting but felt that the printing and drawing stood out. I must admit though I didn’t see everything, I missed most of the ceramics and NAS has a strong ceramics department so I may look at those works online.

I feel quite happy to be making a new series of work based on drawing. My work had a Christmas party yesterday and I brought my pencils along to do some sketches. I got a couple of good sketches but it was hard to draw people as everyone was quite animated. I may make some wall works based on my drawings although I will do a digital study or two to see how viable the idea is. My work with oil sticks is something I feel quite happy with.

I feel that work that is expressive and abstract feels the most natural to me. When I draw with graphite I also enjoy abstract relationships within the observable world. I also enjoy making drawings with general explorations of line and tone.

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