20/10/22 art by Warlimpirnga Tjapaltjarri

I finished a painting a week ago which took a few weeks to make and is still drying, it is more like filler-type work than anything super exciting but the texture is what I was doing it for. I can’t wait to get back on a wall but I have a pretty solid week next week so let’s see. There is a bit I want to explore but I also don’t have a definite vision of where the following work will go. It is an organic process because normally I have no clear idea, well the idea I have isn’t suitable for the wall I will be painting and I can see it but I can’t see where. Then I have vague inklings and threads but no tapestry in mind. I will need to see what floats up out of the ether, that is just how I work. Nothing has grabbed me and I have seen some things that seem exciting but don’t lend themselves to my work. They are missing something, there is a hidden meaning in some things that can only find a way out through interpretation and some kind of effort to explore. Some things are just a surface, there is no depth, depth is not something I know a lot about but I feel like it is somewhere full of promise. It could be like a seed in the ground hoping to break out to see daylight and grow. Yet it could also be trapped in the ground and never get out. There is an artist Warlimpirnga Tjapaltjarri who makes canvas works that radiate, which is a sign of great art. The work goes beyond reality, which is a spiritual place, Felipe Pantone does it with architecture, it is a digital spirituality.

I have been learning Chinese 汉语 and it is a lot to take in, some things stick but then new words and structures arise. I have had to slow it down, especially the speaking to take in the subtle differences in sound. I think I need a break from it but I will push through until at least the end of the year and see what sticks in my memory.

Warlimpirnga Tjapaltjarri

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