Alternate scenario

I had a dream this morning about my Dad, I was very sad in the dream and woke up in tears, the dream itself wasn’t that sad although my Dad was sick in the dream and we knew he was dying but he was still getting around. I was comforted by my ex-partner near the end of the dream and my youngest made an appearance. I think it has hit me, it has almost been a year now, I do really miss my Dad and I wish he was still around. I have a dream world centred around my Dad and at least it wasn’t as full-on as the usual dream. In those dreams, he has a room in some kind of home with multiple rooms dedicated to the down and out. We were walking around Coogee and it is a lot like how it was in the late seventies and early eighties. I think I am particularly feeling very deep sadness, I think the dream was an alternate scenario of the ending of Dad’s life where he still had his legs working and was still in our lives. I suppose that was even more upsetting than him going quickly. 

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