To serve whom?

Currently have a couple of hours before I go to work, it is a busy time of year for most people, and work has been picking up. I am looking forward to Saturday after work and then I am locked into longer hours for at least a few months. Thankfully there are two public holidays coming up for the mourning of the Queen and Labour day early next month. When Australia had a referendum on the Monarchy a while back it was split down the middle with a small preference for the Monarchy. Australia has always been a colony with colonial attitudes prevailing and there is a power vacuum in the country that the Monarchy creates but it is all we have ever known so it seems like it has shaped the country.

Possibly the egalitarian ethos is part of that power vacuum in that nobody takes authority seriously, true authority is always somewhere else and is a figurehead. It would be sad to see Australia’s elites become as important as the monarchy if there was a move away from the monarchy. Elites are always in the background unless you are in their world, they probably want the status the Queen had. Now we have a King and we are back in the colonial racist grind and power vacuum. Australia is always busy lining the pockets of multinational companies with coal and uranium where we could have become a boat-building country as we are surrounded by water rather than relying on mining. 

At least that is what I hear from my Tai Ji trainer, he is Chinese and the Chinese are known to be self-reliant. They were once colonised and know the pain of giving their wealth over to other nations. For example, China was once the largest holder of silver and after the eight-nation alliance colonised China, spearheaded by the UK, the UK became the largest holder of silver and still is. So Australia is simply a colony so it can be robbed by corporate interests. Of course, the elites get paid and it creates jobs but it isn’t wholly in Australia’s best interests. So corporate interests are simply a new type of colonial tool and that is why the US once was keen to start making goods in China, they had colonial intentions as that is what corporate culture is all about, a soft takeover. 

The Chinese though knew and in the end made the colonial intentions suit their own needs to improve Chinese technologies and production. Australia will never work it out and is keen to serve others’ interests but also the elites know and they get a bit of cream off the pie and the grind continues to serve the new colonial paradigm.

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