New artwork

Lately, I have been doing some work on paper, I find small painting works are a little easier for me as when I scale up I lose the drawing I need to finish the job. So I have bought some oil sticks to use as something that bridges drawing and painting. It definitely works to have a drawing solution, I have mentioned in some previous posts over the years how aerosol work is a lot like drawing on a larger scale.

I find brush painting works for me when I am observing something or using a reference but otherwise I find any imaginative artwork only works if I build layers slowly. When I get expressive it can fall apart but when I bring in a drawing solution I get good results. I will add my latest artwork that I finished with the oil sticks. It reminds a little of Reg Mombasa’s pastel works but is a little less illustrative.

I am yet to get my life back from work, I am just going through the slog of longer work weeks and this Saturday after work I get to paint a wall in Newtown with portrait work. I am quite excited and just hope I can get there in time to paint for a few hours.

‘Maroubra Headland’ Acrylic and oil on 300gsm paper

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