I haven’t been able to write much lately, I have been dealing with various creative projects from the trenches of work. Just liaising and scratching my head at people’s expectations, it isn’t all bad though I like seeing people do their thing and I am happy to run around and try to supply what they need. I work for a paint supplier at the end of the day and some people have unrealistic expectations. If people want me to consult on projects, I can take the day off my regular job and do a bit of that work but for decent money, why these glorified cream puffs expect everyone else to do their jobs is beyond me.

I have had to creatively shelve some work but try and work smaller, works on paper, drawing is fruitful, idea-driven, and experimental. I am stuck in a work grind for a while yet doing overtime and doing what I can. Sydney is a bit of a hell hole but I am currently in a good position, rents are too high, developers are raising rents with new developments, and some areas near my local area have become ghost towns. The answer from the council is more development, and increase height restrictions, these strategies will bring in foreign money but it leaves the smaller businesses out in the cold.

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