I had a dream about drawing last night, the dream didn’t really make sense but it was telling me that the drawings had to be more about drawing before being about the drawings. I was trying to compile the basic idea and showcase the drawings that were more about the base of what drawing should be. Yet all through the dream, I couldn’t draw anything else until the basics were covered and I had those core ideas on paper.

If anything it was a drawing that was simple enough to show the paper and elements of graffiti culture like bubble letters, maybe one bubble letter per page. All the while I was hoping to get more complexity and drawings started but I had that initial job which was harder than it looked. It can be hard to keep things simple and to the point, yet I had to make sure they were about graffiti and also showcased the idea of graffiti letters.

Sometimes I can be painfully positive in my general attitude, seeing positive signs in things that are probably really bad signs. I get lost in this vague kind of new age spiritual interpretation, even though I am not particularly new age to begin with. Maybe that is how I find myself getting stuck in some of society’s traps. I didn’t want to get Pfizer for example and I had a pretty bad reaction to it.

Most people I know had no reaction to Pfizer although a few high-profile artists have started making a bit of noise about their own reactions. One annoying reaction I had was a constant head rush that came on a few times a day and within the first week of the first shot turned into a full night of continuous head rushes. I was in a daze for the whole evening and it was not pleasant. The headrushes started to ease after a few weeks but they lasted for around five months being smaller and smaller until they disappeared. 

I was also in a lot of pain for two weeks with lousy inflammation that turned into another six weeks of random inflammation which wasn’t nearly as painful but still presented some pain and discomfort. I am still recovering from Covid, yet Covid has so far been fairly straightforward for me though, it is pretty nasty really. The other day I went to bed at around 10 pm and didn’t get out of bed until 4.30 pm the next afternoon.

For me I told myself I needed it, I put a positive spin on it, and my youngest also had the same issue but doesn’t have Covid. Though it wasn’t something they could put a positive spin on. Maybe the environment we are in is quite negative with the spectre of Covid hovering around being pretty nasty. You can’t try and make it look good, although I believe sleep is great medicine. Once again it depends on how you are feeling.

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