Not on the same page graffiti

Well, I dodged the flu for an age and then finally succumbed. I caught a cold and was around a work colleague with the flu and got it. Mostly I have just been resting in bed with the cat which is an excellent way to spend time. Today my nose was running and I spent some time on the command line on my Raspberry Pi 400 testing ways to mount Samba (CIFS) shares on my other Raspberry Pi computers. I have three of them, to be honest, only one is actually doing anything important, and the other two are just playthings. Some people might have a few cars that they tinker with or collect, for me I have a lot of computers. It took a bit of looking around to find the options I needed to mount the Samba shares on the command line, I looked up manual pages but they didn’t list the options I actually used which I thought was strange. The manual page did show the options but not with a description so they were easy to miss. I went to a few manual pages that might have the information but they were also not very clear and it was lucky I saw the options in a forum, once again with no explanation but I was reminded from using them a long while ago.

I haven’t been sick in years but the current environment and lax mask-wearing by people who are sick make it hard to avoid. I should have worn a mask at work after I got my cold and was around my sick boss but considering I beat the flu four times over a few months I got a bit slack myself. Although when I was sick I did wear my mask when I was at work and one of the reps let me go home early. I haven’t had a headache, sore throat or cough but they might be coming next so I am planning on getting an early night and staying out of the cold. I did a drawing that I was happy with today, it has potential for a wall and it has a retro graffiti feel to it while still being up to date and different. I suppose I want to explore classic comic ideas that come from the American sixties but I want them to be obscured, psychedelic, car culture and graffiti but I see how a lot of graffiti artists approach it. They do it very well mind you but I am trying to crossover Art-Brut and keep it low-key with a mind on small and subtle. I like working on a small scale, at least small for graffiti which is pretty big but I don’t want to take over a spot with massive work that drives one point home. I just want to play a part along with other artists who aren’t on the same page. That is what I like about graffiti most.

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