I am spending some time resting for a day or so, next week I am off work and have the exhibition on at Blenheim House Randwick with a few other artists (28th July 6 pm). I am hanging my work the day before, I am quite excited but keeping a low profile so I don’t get the flu or Covid and have a spanner in the works. I picked up a cold Tuesday from Sunday in the mountains and Monday in the cold warehouse. I have dodged the flu for over a month and I suppose I did a bit too much on Sunday only to succumb to the fridge-like conditions on Monday at work. I worked this morning until 10.30 am then went home and did a little bit of cleaning and got a Raspberry Pi computer out to tinker with, and then jumped into bed with the cat for a snuggle. 

I was supposed to call a builder to see if I could meet them tomorrow but going back to the mountains with a cold is not the greatest idea. It will have to wait another few weeks as next week I have a plumber at home and the exhibition. I finished some paperwork that needed attention and made a drawing before my snuggle with the cat. Drawing is something I find fascinating, maybe because it is clear if it is working or not. Even if a drawing fails to uncover something interesting, the effort alone can make the drawing interesting anyway. I know that out of every ten drawings, on average two will be worth pursuing and finding a place in painted work. So with that kind of odds, you have to enjoy the process and let the drawings emerge. There is no trick or formula to any of this, just making the drawings will make it happen. 

There will be times when I think I may have gone too far into Dadaesque territory, but I remind myself that you can never go too far and hope that I can go further.

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